Thursday, November 14, 2013

On Top of Table Mountain and a beautiful sunset

Finally made it up to Table Mountain.  Due to the changing weather I wasn't able to climb up but instead took the cable car.  The ride on the cable car was interesting, the floor of the car rotates so you can't hold on to the rail.  The ride is only maybe 5 minutes and extremely smoothe.  
Views going up:

When we got off the cable car there is a sign that says, "if you hear the hoot immediately return to this location."  
The weather difference was quite dramatic between the bottom, where it was fairly warm and not too windy, to the top where it was very windy and much colder.  
What I learned the sign mean was, if it becomes too windy you must return to the entrance and then they decide if you can ride the cable car or need to walk down (the walk down would be 2 1/2 to 3 hours).  According to a tour guide I met at the top, Table Mountain has more deaths than Everest because of human error.  The weather change from bottom to top is extreme and people are not prepared both in clothing and water or food.  He said it could get so windy that your ears hurt, and said today was not too bad.  
We arrived at the cable car around 5 and after buying the tickets realized that they offered a "ride for 1/2 price if you went up at 6.  We laughed and thought how silly we were for not going later and saving $20.  However, as fate would have it, when we got to the bottom, after our hour visit, the wind had become too much and they closed the cable car. So in the end we were lucky to have gone when we did.  
Some views from the top:

The cars are where we parked

This is Robben Island

Looking down on Camps Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

It's pretty amazing to be at 2100 feet looking down on the city
Since we couldn't watch the sunset from above we decided to drive to Camps Bay and watch from the ocean.  Camps Bay, Sea Point and Green Point are upscale neighborhoods on the Atlantic side.  Camps Bay Main Street is filled with restaurants and shops across from the beach.  It is quite the scene.  We enjoyed a beautiful sunset.  The light on the mountains was incredible.  I'm increasingly amazed with what nature provides.

Walking back to the car Emily noticed this sign behind a fence.  She said, "that's the same sign in Malibu."  We walked a security guard standing behind the fence what was going on and he said they were filming "Rescue 3."  We figured they came to Cape Town to film due to the different seasons and also the cost was probably less than 1/2 than any where else in the world.  Everything is quite reasonable for Americans (10 to 1 on the dollar).

The end to another wonderful day.
Emily took me back to where I was staying so I could pack my things and she went to have her last night with her host family.  I know she is sad to leave them as she has had a wonderful experience and they have been incredible to her.  I as a parent am extremely greateful for their hospitality and care of her.


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