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Saturday--November 2--Old Biscuit Mill and a fund raiser

I don't know why but I was up at 6:30 and the sun was already up.  I grabbed my camera, even though I missed the sunrise, it was still beautiful outside my window.

And then I got back in bed and slept until 8 because I needed to meet Emily at the car rental place by 9:00.  Not exactly how I wanted to start the day.  It was an expensive visit.  Even though Emily took insurance on the car, there was the deductible.  Emily had already had a little fender bender the week prior so I had to pay for that and the missing headlight cover.  We got another car and headed to Old Biscuit Mill.  
When we arrived at Old Biscuit Mill we had to park a few streets away.  Here in Cape Town there are parking people who wear yellow vests and watch your car.  You pay them when you return to the car.  I'm a bit overwhelmed with what I can carry and the whole safety issue. When nearly to the entrance, I realized I had my camera but no media card and I'd left my iphone in the car. Emily suggested I use her camera, which was a good idea except that she only had 29% battery.  
Old Biscuit Mill is fabulous and a must do when in Cape Town.  The food is amazing, the scene vibrant with high end locally and hand made: clothing, jewelry, and crafts outside.  There are other permanent stores and restaurants as well, but the more interesting is what is outside and the handmade local food and drink.  We walked around inside the food area and it was so hard to decide what to eat.  All the vendors have samples and you want to try everything but it's not possible.  After so many samples we decided to have, what Emily has had before, a huge potato pancake (latke) with lox and a cooked egg on the top made by the "Test Kitchen".  They actually have a full on restaurant here as well.  OMG so good.
Then we walked around a bit to work up an appetite before having some dessert.  To get to the shopping you have to walk through the hall again and pass all those enticing samples.  Sorry not to be able to show you any photos.  We will go again next Saturday, as it is only open on Saturdays, and I will be sure to have all cameras working.

After our visit at Old Biscuit Mill we needed to check me out of the Hilton.  I'd booked a room at a B&B called the Carmichael House closer to the campus.  We got my bags, paid my bill and off we went.  What a quaint place and in an area I can walk around by myself.

The room is on the second floor and while it doesn't have a view like the Hilton, it's very comfortable and what a bathroom.  The couple who run the place are very friendly.  So far I highly recommend it.

    I was able to rest for a bit before going to a fund raiser for the charity "Sister's for Sister's" where Emily has been volunteering.  The organization was started by Eunice to help woman who have been abused or are struggling alone raising children.   This is Emily and Eunice.   

Eunice has worked very hard to grow this organization that started 5 years ago.  The woman come to workshops to learn how to be stronger and independent.  They make and sell bracelets in some of the different street markets around town.  Emily has helped to make and sell these bracelets too.
This is a photo of Eunice and two of her friends who are in the group.  Aren't they beautiful and colorful!
Here are some more of the faces I encountered during the program:
This is little Nancy

This is Mama Nancy
This is Eunice's daughter.

it was a very nice event.  I bought bracelets and a fabulous patchwork bag.  They had lots of food and musical entertainment.

here are some of the instruments that were used for the entertainment

the neighborhood where the church was had fabulous art on the walls.
It reminded me of Valparaiso, Chile.

The great art outstanding then I saw this painted on a fence:
So off we went on a drive around Table Mountain to the other side of Cape Town to see Camps Bay and an incredible view from Signal Hill.  There is hardly any where you can be in Cape Town and not see this incredible mountain.

We drove back into town to a neighborhood called Observatory to meet Emily's host family for dinner at Pancho's, a Mexican restaurant.  One of the most interesting shops I saw on the street was the Anarchist Book store.  I'll leave you with a little anarchist art:

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